New SpringBoard Video Unit

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With a dedicated video technology team that is always pushing the envelope to help continually advance the video advertising ecosystem, SpringBoard Video is pleased to preview its new 3D Interactive Video Unit. Check out an example below and please contact us or more information on pricing and availability. The SpringBoard 3D unit is sure to help accentuate your advertising content to drive greater organic distribution, enhancing brand affinity and earned media as a result.


New “Cue Points” Feature Helps Publishers Monetize Long-Form Video Content

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Are you the publisher of long-form video content?  If so, haven’t you thought it was a bit wrong that you spent all that time putting together a 40 minute video but were only given the opportunity to monetize it once via a pre-roll ad?  How could it possibly make sense that someone who put up a 30 second video of their cat could make as much money as the publisher of a 40 minute video that took days to concept and create?  With SpringBoard Video’s new “Cue Point” system for mid-rolls, we’ve solved this problem for long form video content publishers.  “Cue Points” allow publishers to specify when in a video a mid-roll ad should be launched.  Publishers can set up as many mid-rolls as they choose and each mid-roll will be preceded by a 10 second countdown to make sure your users know when they are coming.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to add mid-rolls to a piece of video content by using SpringBoard’s new “Cue Point” feature. The process takes less than 10 seconds (we timed it) and we encourage mid-rolls to be set up as often as possible since it ads valuable video inventory from highly engaged users.

1. STEP 1: Within your SB CMS admin screen, go to your “Videos” tab and click on the title of the video in your library that you would like to add a mid-roll to:


2. STEP 2: Click on the “Monetize” tab.


3. STEP 3: Insert the time (in seconds) when you would like the mid-roll to launch (multiple mid-rolls can be entered by using commas to separate each cue point (e.g. “60, 120” would insert an ad at the 60 second and 120 second mark).


SpringBoard Platform Office Balloon Prank!

by Corbin

If these walls could talk… well they’d tell you to lock your door more often.

A few good men. 800+ balloons. 6 hours. 1 office. With Navy Seal like dedication, stealth and flawless execution a few brave men from the renowned SpringBoard Video team set out on the most sensitive mission the company has ever seen. With the target being none other than BOSS MAN and Grandfather of SpringBoard Video himself. Now, these gentlemen have put their skills to the test in the world of digital advertising but who knew those long hours of strategizing over pre-roll opportunities, landing IO’s and optimizing ad campaigns would translate to being able to pull off this epic prank without a single hitch! Honestly, how does one pull something off like this when Mr. Boss only steps out for lunch? The how we’ll leave for you to ponder, but the why is always the better story. And easily put, simply the Team’s candid and clever way of show their appreciation for their

Happy Holidays Boss!

HD Widget – A Closer look

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With the recent update of the Springboard Video Platform we have released a new player we call the “HD Widget”.

High-definition video on the Internet is becoming commonplace. It’s not yet Blu-ray Disc quality but, in the last 3 years, video on the Internet has become a really good experience. For such a long time, the bandwidth and playback just wasn’t there. You’re no longer thinking I’m watching this video online and it’s all pixilated.

With our partnership with the world’s leading third party encoding provider we are able to push out stunning HD videos for our user base. As video quality is being pushed higher and higher we acknowledge that the players in which these videos are played back need to support this evolution properly for a better user experience, thus the HD Widget was born.

The HD widget behaves similarly to a lightbox widget in which it loads a simple image with a play button on your page. Once clicked it will open your video and start playback. The player size that will open depends on the encoded video dimensions which is why this widget shines best when your video content is in HD quality.

Having in mind the CPU power needed to render and decode HD videos, our HD widget uses the latest 3D stage Adobe technology which uses low level GPU instructions to communicate with your graphics card and therefore it is almost CPU independent. This means that users with lower (and high end) spec machines will have a much smoother viewing experience.

See a demo of this widget below!

New Video Player Release

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We’re proud to announce a significant release/upgrade to the SpringBoard Platform today.  The focus of the release was to improve the player platform experience for our publishers and to add a number of cool innovative features as we take the SpringBoard Platform into the next generation of OVPs.  Check out some of the new features and let us know what you think:

New Feature – iFrame Embed Code.  Springboard CMS will by default now provide iFrame embed code. This is the new and preferred embed code that we suggest you use.  This embed code fully supports HTML5 fallback for mobile devices and has pre-roll support in HTML5 mode.

New Feature – HD Widget.  Springboard supports a new type of widget which we have named “HD Widget”. This widget behaves similarly to a normal lightbox player only it has enhanced features and controls. Its main advantage is that it always opens in the size of your video which makes it ideal for all your HD video pages where this widget can shine the most.  You can easily try out the new widget by going to the FUNCTION tab of your widget config screen and under the CONTENT accordion enable HD Widget support.

New Feature – Recommended Videos.  The Springboard player now has a new recommended videos feature that appears at the end of a video/playlist. It can also be seen by pressing the appropriate button on the control bar. This feature incorporates both behaviors and functionality from the legacy playlist and related videos options.New Feature – Stage 3D SupportThe Springboard player now supports Stage 3D technology from Adobe. The Stage3D APIs in Flash Player offer a fully hardware-accelerated architecture that brings stunning visuals across desktop browsers advanced 2D and 3D capabilities. This allows the player to use low level GPU instructions for rendering video content and therefore less CPU power is needed.  Currently this is supported in the HD widget configuration only.

More info on this technology can be read here – Adobe Stage 3D

New Feature – Coming Next Screen.  The Springboard player now supports a coming next screen which can appear near the end of the video (fully adjustable) which will show the next video in your playlist in a small preview window in the bottom left corner of your player. Your users can also click on the coming next video which will start playing once clicked.New Feature – New Share OptionsThe Springboard player has revised the available share options and has modernized this option to support the latest and most popular sharing options.

The Springboard player now supports the following social sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Pinterest

You can fully customize which share options are available in your players.

New Feature – Annotations.  The Springboard player now supports annotations similarly to how YouTube works.  Video Annotations is a new way for you to add interactive commentary to your videos! Use it to:

  • Add background information about the video
  • Link to related videos on you site, channels, or search results from within a video

All of the above!

You control what the annotations say, where they appear on the video, and when they appear and disappear.

To add an annotation to any of your videos, go to the edit video screen and on the first tab you will see a link for create/edit annotations.

Media player optimizations. The Springboard player has gone under a major overhaul.  All image assets have been replaced and its code has been refactored. All of these optimizations have resulted in an 15%-20% decrease in player size depending on plugin usage which will ensure faster load times.

The advertising plugin for the player has been integrated inside the core of the player which will ensure quicker load times as the player does not need to call an external URL anymore to load this plugin.

CMS Redesign and Code Re-write.  The entire CMS has be redesigned with major overhauls of the playlist and edit video screens.  CMS page load times have been decreased and all pages are now loaded with Ajax.

YouTube Analytics.  The Springboard analytics system now supports YouTube Chromeless player analytics in Flash and HTML5 mode.

YouTube Integration.  YouTube videos have been integrated inside the CMS. The “Play YouTube” option has be deprecated and you can now add YouTube videos into your video list and embed them using the Chromeless player solution.

You can also now create Springboard playlists consisting of YouTube videos or even mix internal Springboard and YouTube videos into the same playlist be it dynamic or static.

Need to Create Cool Video Content? There’s (Almost) An App for That

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camera-phone-photosThese days, with virtually every human being under the age of 50 armed with a smartphone w/video camera, the volume of video footage stored in our planet is skyrocketing.  While this camera-phone footage is usually entertaining to the person who takes it (and maybe to their mom and immediate family members who actually care to watch what baby doe did today for the first time), its not usually footage that is something us web publishers would care to show to our web audience.  Sure, you’ll catch the occasional camera-phone gem in the form of a car crash or streaker event that happens to take place in front of you, but usually you’re just catching video of your kids blowing out candles or your dog licking peanut butter of his nose (which, while hilarious, has been done before on the web)….stuff that your web audience is going to crucify you for wasting their time with.

One upcoming app, “Directr,” seeks to make it easy for average users to create quality video content with their camera-phone.  According to TechCrunch, Directr has raised a $1.1 million seed round from NextView Ventures, Boston Seed Capital, Advancit Capital, and Initialized Capital, as well as from angels like Thomas Lehrman, Ron Shah, and Joe Caruso and the app is said to be released later this summer.

While features of Directr have not been made clear, TechCrunch reported that the Directr app will help users create interesting stories based on videos they shoot with their phones by helping automate all the editing, titles, and music syncing that typically keeps amateur video enthusiasts from going beyond just uploading a short video to the web.

I look forward to seeing this app in action as it seems like a good move in the direction of giving us web publishers more efficient ways to create video content to serve to our audiences.


E3 2012 Post-Mortum

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E3 2012 LogoWell, every year thousands of avid gamer nuts congregate to take part in the E3 video game industry expo.  This year’s event featured a ton of new game trailer releases and news, check out full coverage of E3 2012 to catch up on anything that you may have missed (there is also some great coverage Here, Here, Here and Here).


Meet the East-Side Team

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You’ve already all met Igor, the newly married man who shared his past, present and future with us in a blog post from a few weeks back.  But SpringBoard Platform is far more than just Igor, we actually have a great (and soon to be growing) team of 8 talented developers and designers in our Eastern European office and quite a few more talented engineers in our Los Angeles Office.  Today we’re going to introduce you all to our “East-Side” Team. (more…)

SpringBoard Platform’s Footprint Gets Bigger

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SpringBoard Platform is honored and excited to welcome some of our most recent publishers to to the Springboard Platform:

Caputo Media LogoCaputo Media:  The owner of a number of highly engaged user communities catering to both gamers as well as affluent audiences.  Whether you are a gamer, cigar aficionado or just need a good laugh, Caputo Media has a premium destination on the Internet for you. Some of the Caputo websites that will be leveraging the SpringBoard Platform include, and

Scrw LogoScrw Media: The owner of a number of hilarious, geeky and cute sites that are sure to capture a few hours out of your week.  Some of the Scrw websites that will be leveraging the SpringBoard Platform include and

ThePunkEffect A video game news, video and review site that offers tons of video content on everything gaming and entertainment. Head on over to the site and check out some of their great videos or participate in other Internet wackiness.

SportsChatPlace  A great sports match-up website covering all the major sports (and most of the minor ones).  SportsChatPlace has a vibrant open community as well as a premium “members” only section that delivers some of the best researched sports picks on the web.

AndroidAdvices  An Android News blog offering information on updates and reviews for everything related to the Android mobile operating system.  Check out the site for android advice across multiple hardware devices including HTC, Samsung, LG and more.  If you’ve got an android device, this is the place to get your advice!

SpringBoard Platform looks forward to working hand-in-hand with each of these new partners to bring the best of their video content to the web.  The addition of these websites to the SpringBoard roster brings the total count of publishers leveraging the SpringBoard Platform to over 350 websites.  Welcome to our new SpringBoardians!

Improving the ROI of Online Video Publishing: Video Digests

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Ever wondered in frustration why the online video publishing experience is so cumbersome and confusing?

The Many Steps of Video…

Historically, no matter the online video platform (OVP) a publisher was using in order to publish a video to their site, the publisher not only had to incur the time and expense (expensive video equipment, time, a funny/good idea for content, post-shoot editing, etc) required to produce the content, but then also had to do things like (i) convert and encode the video content to the most optimal file type (huh? English please!), (ii) upload that content to a third party video content management system (CMS) (great…yet another password and system to remember/learn), (iii) come up with a bunch of meta tags for SEO and create a sitemap entry (wait…what?), (iv) generate an embed code, which you had to go back to your own back-end publishing CMS to post and format (back-and-forth, back-and-forth).  While a lot of these steps are necessary, publishers longed for anything that helped remove or expedite each of the steps.  After all, and to use the words of a frustrated publisher from year’s past, publishers “are just trying to post a freaking video…not remove an spleen or appendix.” (more…)

Another man down…

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Big breaking news coming out of the SpringBoard Platform team!!! 

This weekend, Igor, one of our talented and beloved SpringBoard developers will be taking that forever plunge into the world of married life.  So, as a tribute to his dive into what is sure to be a future where his friends and coworkers will be hearing a lot of Igor saying “no, I can’t go drinking tonight we have a tea party to attend” and “I wish I could, but today is our 43 day anniversary and I have to get home to make dinner as her present,” we thought we would introduce the pre-marriage Igor to you all and give you a glimpse into what his wedding and married life will look like:

The Man… (more…)

Anchor Man 2 Trailer is SpringBoard’s Top Video of the Day

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SpringBoard Platform’s Top Video for Tuesday, May 22, 2012 was a funny Anchor Man 2 trailer shown on SpringBoard Publisher  The movie stars the cast from the original Anchor Man, including funny men Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd…but minus Christina Applegate, already has the benefit of a guaranteed audience in the form of a cult following of folks enamored by the original Anchor Man.  Will the sequel succeed at the box office?  Only time will tell.  

Check out the clip below, which was SpringBoard Platform’s top video yesterday.

Our WordPress Plugin is here!

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Wordpress Plugin

SpringBoard Video is proud to announce the official launch of our SpringBoard WordPress plugin! With this new plugin, SpringBoard has made it more efficient for WordPress users to leverage the feature rich SpringBoard Platform in order to publish and monetize their video content, all without ever leaving the friendly confines of the WordPress content management system (CMS). In other words, the plugin turns an already great WordPress CMS into a powerful video publishing platform that leverages SpringBoard Video’s video player and monetization engine. Plugin features include: (more…)

The Next Generation of Video Advertising

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SBVideoThe next generation of video advertising (Cost Per View (CPV) priced content distribution) is here and use of this new medium by advertisers to promote their brands is growing quickly. Unlike pre-roll video and in-banner video (which have been, and will continue to be, products that brand advertisers leverage to promote their products and services), CPV video takes the form of brands partnering with content production shops/talent to create really entertaining video content (read, "content" not "ads").  This CPV content gives the web viewer something fun to watch while also subtly offering positive brand rub to the advertiser.   Whereas traditional pre-roll ads often fell victim to caring less about their own entertainment value as they did the number of brand mentions they could get off in a :30 second spot, CPV video alters that mindset and brands are getting more and more comfortable leveraging this form of video advertising. SpringBoard Video has helped a number of brands distribute this form of online video advertising, so feel free to reach out to one of our account manager specialists if you would like to learn more about running these types of ad campaigns (after all, they not only pay well but also give your audience something fun to watch). For your pleasure, below is a recent form of this type of advertising that is making its way around the web today…..pretty entertaining I must say.

[springboard type=”youtube” id=”8DnKOc6FISU” player=”test105″ width=”640″ height=”360″ ]

Some Sizzle From SpringBoard Video

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Check out a recent sales sizzle reel that our video editing staff put together for our ad sales team.  This reel highlights some of the advertising capabilities of SpringBoard Video.

We’re Here!!!

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We are proud to be posting the first official blog post to our SpringBoard blog. is a resource we’ve launched in order to provide a centralized location where all current and prospective users of the SpringBoard Video Platform can gather product information, learn about new features recently launched, hear about upcoming upgrades/features currently in the product pipeline and access other useful information to help with your online video needs.  We would like the direction of this website to be driven by our platform users, so please, offer your comments, suggestions and feedback.

Since we are an online video platform, we plan to make it a custom to end each and every blog post with an entertaining video.  So, that being the case, enjoy a pretty amazing clip of an artist drawing with both hands from one of our partners (!

Coming Soon

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The SpringBoard Video Platform blog is coming soon to keep you updated on all the latest platform upgrades and new features as well as relevant video advertising industry news. Check back with us soon.