HD Widget – A Closer look

With the recent update of the Springboard Video Platform we have released a new player we call the “HD Widget”. High-definition video on the Internet is becoming commonplace. It’s not yet Blu-ray Disc quality but, in the last 3 years, video on the Internet has become a really good experience. For such a long time, the bandwidth and playback just wasn’t there. You’re no longer thinking I’m watching this video online and it’s all pixilated. With our partnership with the world’s leading third party encoding provider encoding.com we are able to push out stunning HD videos for our user base. As video quality is being pushed higher and higher we acknowledge that the players in which these videos are played back need to support this evolution properly for a better user experience, thus the HD Widget was born. The HD widget behaves similarly to a lightbox widget in which it loads a simple image with a play button on your page. Once clicked it will open your video and start playback. The player size that will open depends on the encoded video dimensions which is why this widget shines best when your video content is in HD quality. Having in mind the CPU power needed to render and decode HD videos, our HD widget uses the latest 3D stage Adobe technology which uses low level GPU instructions to communicate with your graphics card and therefore it is almost CPU independent. This means that users with lower (and high end) spec machines will have a much smoother viewing experience. See a demo of this widget below!