SpringBoard Platform Office Balloon Prank!

If these walls could talk… well they’d tell you to lock your door more often. A few good men. 800+ balloons. 6 hours. 1 office. With Navy Seal like dedication, stealth and flawless execution a few brave men from the renowned SpringBoard Video team set out on the most sensitive mission the company has ever seen. With the target being none other than BOSS MAN and Grandfather of SpringBoard Video himself. Now, these gentlemen have put their skills to the test in the world of digital advertising but who knew those long hours of strategizing over pre-roll opportunities, landing IO’s and optimizing ad campaigns would translate to being able to pull off this epic prank without a single hitch! Honestly, how does one pull something off like this when Mr. Boss only steps out for lunch? The how we’ll leave for you to ponder, but the why is always the better story. And easily put, simply the Team’s candid and clever way of show their appreciation for their captain. Happy Holidays Boss!