Another man down…

Big breaking news coming out of the SpringBoard Platform team!!!  This weekend, Igor, one of our talented and beloved SpringBoard developers will be taking that forever plunge into the world of married life.  So, as a tribute to his dive into what is sure to be a future where his friends and coworkers will be hearing a lot of Igor saying “no, I can’t go drinking tonight we have a tea party to attend” and “I wish I could, but today is our 43 day anniversary and I have to get home to make dinner as her present,” we thought we would introduce the pre-marriage Igor to you all and give you a glimpse into what his wedding and married life will look like:

The Man…


Meet Igor, a happy and handsome young man with cool sunglasses and a “don’t let me get too close to your sister” look.  As a 30 year old man he is in the prime of his life, a man without a care in the world.  He has lots of friends, works for a great company and spends his days building the best damn video platform the earth has ever seen.  Igor is a resident of the pleasant town of Belgrade and enjoys sports, technology, friends and family.  Quite a catch. The Woman…

BojanaNow meet Bojana, also known as the “hook” that caught the “Igor-fish”.  She is also a resident of Belgrade and, as of this weekend, will be changing her name officially from “Bojana” to “Master of Igor.”  While she may appear to be sweet and kind, this can only last for as long as Igor has yet to say the words “I do” (радим in Serbian).  Once Igor utters those words this weekend, his life will change as it has for every man who has taken the plunge into a life of holy matrimony.

The Man and the Woman (today)… Look at how happy Igor and Bojana are:

Happy on an Airplane


Happy Near a Beach


Happy in the Snow

Such a pleasant happy couple. The Man and the Woman (on their wedding day)… Now, such a wonderful couple surely has a great wedding planned.  They will take their vows in front of family and friends, take lots of photographs and have a few drinks and a nice meal.  Rumor has it that they have a pretty elegant wedding introduction planned (in fact, we have leaked footage of the rehearsal of their wedding introduction to share with you all below):
[springboard type=”youtube” id=”4-94JhLEiN0″ player=”test105″ width=”640″ height=”360″ ]
  The Man and the Woman (on their 50th year anniversary) And now, after a long weekend of exchanging vows and smiling for pictures, one can only wonder what Igor and his bride will be up to on May 26, 2062 (their 50 year anniversary).  Well, we do not have to wonder anymore as through the power of the “SpringBoard Time Machine” (product still in private beta) we have been able to fast forward 50 years to check in on Igor and Bojana and take a few pictures of their daily lives.

Igor and Bojana Dancing in their 80's

Igor and Bojana Eating in their 80s

Igor appears to still be in love with his bride at age 80. So much in love that he prepared a special dance for her on her 85th birthday (and again, using the SpringBoard Time Machine (still in closed beta), we have been able to get some video footage of the special dance):
[springboard type=”youtube” id=”KymFaQlc2hQ” player=”test105″ width=”640″ height=”360″ ]
  A great story and life for our Igor and his soon to be bride.  Please join us all in congratulating Igor and Bojana on their upcoming nuptials.  The entire SpringBoard Video and Evolve Media Corp team wish you a happy day and life!