E3 2012 Post-Mortum

E3 2012 LogoWell, every year thousands of avid gamer nuts congregate to take part in the E3 video game industry expo.  This year’s event featured a ton of new game trailer releases and news, check out full coverage of E3 2012 to catch up on anything that you may have missed (there is also some great coverage Here, Here, Here and Here). As an online video platform that powers the video content for over 400 sites, including a ton of great gaming sites, the SpringBoard Platform team absolutely LOOOOVES E3.  Why do we love it you ask?  Well, other than the fact that E3 is such a cool event and most of us are gamers, we love E3 because if gives us a chance to test ourselves and show off the power of our platform.  You see, the upload and view volume that runs through the SpringBoard Platform hits new highs every year during E3 and, as usual, we are happy to report that once again we made it through E3 without a scratch.  No downtime, no slow loading videos, no maintenance, not a hitch! There are quite a few other platforms out there who wish they could say the same thing!  We hear news that quite a few pretender-platforms experienced down time, poor video delivery rates and even full blown outages during this critical week for gaming publishers (jab jab….don’t worry pretenders, we won’t name your platform, even though you blew it for your “soon-to-be SpringBoard” publisher clients during their most critical week). While we won’t publicly out the pretenders, we’ll be sure to continue to pitch our platform to the many angry non-SpringBoard gaming publishers in the coming weeks :).  Everyone should be on notice, the SpringBoard Platform performs no matter the volume (we’ve spent millions to ensure that to be the case) so don’t trust your online video publishing to anyone else. As a top online video platform for publishers, including a ton of great gaming publishers, our team uses E3 as its biggest test of the year and we have staff on hand to make sure that encoding, uploading, video delivery and all the workflow that goes into the successful delivery of a video are up and running smoothly each and every year.  We look forward to E3 2013 for our current (and the growing list of future) publisher partners!