Improving the ROI of Online Video Publishing: Video Digests

Ever wondered in frustration why the online video publishing experience is so cumbersome and confusing? The Many Steps of Video… Historically, no matter the online video platform (OVP) a publisher was using in order to publish a video to their site, the publisher not only had to incur the time and expense (expensive video equipment, time, a funny/good idea for content, post-shoot editing, etc) required to produce the content, but then also had to do things like (i) convert and encode the video content to the most optimal file type (huh? English please!), (ii) upload that content to a third party video content management system (CMS) (great…yet another password and system to remember/learn), (iii) come up with a bunch of meta tags for SEO and create a sitemap entry (wait…what?), (iv) generate an embed code, which you had to go back to your own back-end publishing CMS to post and format (back-and-forth, back-and-forth).  While a lot of these steps are necessary, publishers longed for anything that helped remove or expedite each of the steps.  After all, and to use the words of a frustrated publisher from year’s past, publishers “are just trying to post a freaking video…not remove an spleen or appendix.” Really? All Those Steps For a Negative ROI… Negative ROI All the steps noted above not only take time, but the perception has been the effort usually leads to a negative ROI after factoring in all costs of video production (including the expense of time) and then measuring those costs against the relatively small number of views that most publishers are able to generate against that content (i.e. 13 views, half of them coming from your own mother no doubt!).  With all that is involved in video publishing, it is no wonder that most publishers still prefer to just hack away editorial story after editorial story (including a few elicit images) and skip the perceived negative ROI that comes with the publication of video content.  Even in a world where online video ad revenue is reportedly growing at “dot-com bubble stock price” rates, publishers were still barely using video as part of their publishing process. Time To Turn A Negative (ROI) Into a Positive… As an OVP built through the eyes of a publisher (remember, our parent company is a publisher at heart, owning and operating over 50 websites including,,,,,, and many more) SpringBoard has been seeking to tackle this “Negative ROI in Video” problem that publishers often face when trying to incorporate video into their website content offering.  Over the past few months the SpringBoard Platform development team has released a number of features and products to help push the ROI needle in the positive direction for publishers. Below is a summary of some of the many recent features/products we’ve rolled out: Wordpress Video PluginThe WordPress Plugin… The first product we recently released to help tackle the “Negative ROI in Video” problem was our WordPress Video Player PluginAfter surveying the current slate of over 350 publishers leveraging the SpringBoard Platform, we discovered that a large number of them were also leveraging WordPress as their publishing CMS.  So, knowing that publishers are wasting time hopping from one CMS (their own) to the video CMS (SpringBoard) to publish video, we developed a robust plugin that acts to convert a publisher’s WordPress CMS into a powerful video publishing platform that leverages SpringBoard Video.  The feature sets of this WordPress plugin are too rich to mention in this post so take a look at our earlier post on the SpringBoard WordPress Plugin for more information.  We will be continuing to update and innovate with this plugin as well as future plugins tied to other widely used publishing CMS’ as we aim to reduce the expense of time as it relates to online video publishing. Embed Code Refactoring And The Video SiteMap Feature… Since more streams of a video = more revenue from that video, anything an OVP can do to help grow streams for its users will have a direct positive effect on helping improve the ROI related to video publishing.  So, with that in mind, in hopes of boosting viewership of video content published through our SpringBoard Platform, we’ve refactored our embed code to mirror the most optimal Video SEO standards recommended by Google (and since SEO optimization is an ever moving target, we continue to keep up with emerging trends to help make sure our publisher’s videos remain well indexed by Google and other search engines).  In addition to optimizing our embed codes, we also recently launched a video SEO sitemap feature, which helps walk publishers through the creation of an automatic video sitemap for all videos published through the SpringBoard Platform.  Again, we are a publisher at heart so we know how important SEO and the corresponding video stream growth is to our userbase. The Video Digest (NEW!)… Another step toward solving the “Negative ROI in Video” problem was taken by the SpringBoard Platform development team just last week with the release of our “Video Digest” feature.  This feature was released as a way to reduce the total time spent during the online video publishing process.  The premise is that anything we can do as an online video platform to reduce the time it takes to publish video content directly positively effects the ROI of the video publishing experience.  With that premise in mind, our team took a look at the most time-consuming parts of the video publication process by surveying some of our power users.  What we discovered is that (i) sourcing of relevant content and (ii) pushing video content across multiple channels (i.e. Youtube) were the two most time- consuming steps in the video publishing process.Video DigestThe “Video Digest” feature aims to help reduce the time requirements of both of the above steps by creating a central place where publishers can (1) view and publish their own Youtube channel content (or the content of other YouTube Channels that they have rights to publish) in a sortable and intuitive way without ever having to leave the Springboard CMS and (2) pull free third party content from an optimally organized interface within the SpringBoard CMS.  As the SpringBoard team continues to source more license deals from premium content producers, the volume of content made available for our users to leverage is expected to grow exponentially (stay tuned as much more to come).
  • View and Publish YouTube Content
The “Video Digest” feature also allows publishers to add their own Youtube Channel to our CMS and then sort and pull content from that channel with the click of a button.  Want to see which of your YouTube channel videos is most popular in a given day, week, month?  The “Video Digest” feature allows you to do so and then publish that content off-Youtube on your own site via the Springboard Platform, all with the simple click of a button.  Or even better, do you have relationships with third party Youtube content providers that you want to leverage?  The “Video Digest” feature allows you to set customized feeds of one or more Youtube channels so that you can view, organize and pull content (sorted by most popular, most recent, etc) from your third party partners and publish that content to your own site (leveraging the SpringBoard Platform and monetization engine) with the simple click of a button.  Even better, Springboard is partnering with Evolve Media Corp owned websites to make available most of their Youtube content for publication on your site through the Springboard Platform CMS…and we are working to partner with many more of the top YouTube Channel providers to help bring more and more relevant content to your websites via the “Video Digest” page.
  • View and Publish other Third Party Content
In addition to partnering with large Youtube channel owners to make relevant content available to you for use on your own website through the SpringBoard Platform, we are also working to partner with large off-YouTube content providers to make even more content available to our user base through the “Video Digest” feature.   Not only is use of this content free to our platform users, but in some cases we even have certain sponsored content that we will pay you to use and distribute in the form of CPV based content for distribution (a feature of the Video Digest that is soon to be released).  Contact one of our account managers to learn more about how to get paid to distribute entertaining video content on your site. And More to Come… The above are just some of the ways the SpringBoard team is working to combat the “Negative ROI in Video” experience that most publishers point to when talking about why online video is still not a focus of their publishing process.  The new “Video Digest” feature is a powerful tool to help easily bring relevant content to your fingertips and speed up the publishing process of online video.  Look for more innovation to come out of the SpringBoard Platform team in the coming weeks and months. SBVideo