Meet the East-Side Team

You’ve already all met Igor, the newly married man who shared his past, present and future with us in a blog post from a few weeks back.  But SpringBoard Platform is far more than just Igor, we actually have a great (and soon to be growing) team of 8 talented developers and designers in our Eastern European office and quite a few more talented engineers in our Los Angeles Office.  Today we’re going to introduce you all to our “East-Side” Team.
  • UrosUros Jojic:  Meet Uros, our Head of Product and the man who has been working with our parent company since it was formed in the year 2000.  Uros manages the Eastern Europe office and team and spends his days and nights thinking about ways to make the SpringBoard Platform cooler and more monetizable.  He is not only a talented (former?) artist, but also bangs on drums in his free time (which he has very little of) and is a father of two girls who reside with him and his wife in Belgrade.
  • MilosMilos: Meet Milos, our principal software engineer and PHP back-end guru who has been working on the SpringBoard Platform project, well, since its been a project.  Milos is a graduate of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Applied Studies in Belgrade and has 6+ years of PHP developer experience.  In his limited free time, Milos enjoys full contact martial arts in his free time (so do not mess with him!).  Milos loves nothing more than to see the continued growth and adoption of the Springboard Platform by our growing client-base.
  • PejaPedja:  Meet, Pedja, our Senior software Engineer (PHP) who has also been part of the SpringBoard Platform team since its inception.  Pedja is an avid futbol (soccer) nut who enjoys playing the sport.  In addition to his love of soccer, Pedja has an addiction to playing obscure web-based tank games (if you can guess which game I am referring to than you probably want to meet Pedja as you’d get along with him quite well).
  • MarkoMarko:  Meet Marko, a fairly recent addition to the SpringBoard Platform team but someone who has been with our company for nearly two years.  Marko has a masters in Telecommunications from the University of Belgrade and serves as a Senior Software Engineer (AS3/Flash) for the SpringBoard Platform project.  IN his free time Marko enjoys skiing and shooting guns (not usually at the same time…but he’d like to try that too one day) so please stay away from him outside of work hours unless you have a penchant for risk taking.
  • IgorIgor:  Meet Igor (you’ve already likely met and laughed at his wedding story).  Igor holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at Belgrade University and serves as a Front-end developer and QA lead for the SpringBoard Platform team.  Igor is recently married and in his free time enjoys playing electric guitar (Metal!).  One thing you do not want to do is offer Igor coffee…he has problems drinking the hot beverage and is rumored to be on the verge of explosion if he has even one sip.
  • MilanMilan:  Meet Milan, our AS3/Flash programmer who is best known for his work on the SpringBoard 2.0 player that was launched in 2011 (the huge upgrade you were all soooo happy about).  Milan is originally from Belgrade and resides there with his wife and their one son.  In his spare time (and often during office hours) Milan enjoys modifying office equipment…he has the most optimal work space of anyone east of the Mississippi (its a sight to see).  Milan’s claim to fame is that he is the only man on the SpringBoard Platform team to ever get his head-shot/picture into our work-flow management software (AgileZen).
  • NaumNaum:  Meet Naum, another of our back-end PHP gurus who works on stories to help push the Springboard Platform to newer (and higher) heights.  Naum has a degree in Advanced Computer Sciences from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Applied Studies in Belgrade.  He is an avid soccer fan and a super-fan of the the English Champions League (Chelsea).
  • GoranGoran:  Meet Goran, a graduate in Graphic Design from the High School of Fine and Applied Arts of Professional Studies and our lead (and only) designer.  Goran  spends his days making everything you use within the SpringBoard Platform make sense and look pretty.  Some facts about Goran are that he is a very talented artist/drawer (if you meet him, ask him to send you a picture of one of his tiny teddy bears with a surprise feature) and has a life long-dream of designing music album covers for Serbian folks singers (isn’t that all of our dream?).