Need to Create Cool Video Content? There’s (Almost) An App for That

camera-phone-photosThese days, with virtually every human being under the age of 50 armed with a smartphone w/video camera, the volume of video footage stored in our planet is skyrocketing.  While this camera-phone footage is usually entertaining to the person who takes it (and maybe to their mom and immediate family members who actually care to watch what baby doe did today for the first time), its not usually footage that is something us web publishers would care to show to our web audience.  Sure, you’ll catch the occasional camera-phone gem in the form of a car crash or streaker event that happens to take place in front of you, but usually you’re just catching video of your kids blowing out candles or your dog licking peanut butter of his nose (which, while hilarious, has been done before on the web)….stuff that your web audience is going to crucify you for wasting their time with. One upcoming app, “Directr,” seeks to make it easy for average users to create quality video content with their camera-phone.  According to TechCrunch, Directr has raised a $1.1 million seed round from NextView Ventures, Boston Seed Capital, Advancit Capital, and Initialized Capital, as well as from angels like Thomas Lehrman, Ron Shah, and Joe Caruso and the app is said to be released later this summer. While features of Directr have not been made clear, TechCrunch reported that the Directr app will help users create interesting stories based on videos they shoot with their phones by helping automate all the editing, titles, and music syncing that typically keeps amateur video enthusiasts from going beyond just uploading a short video to the web. I look forward to seeing this app in action as it seems like a good move in the direction of giving us web publishers more efficient ways to create video content to serve to our audiences.