New “Cue Points” Feature Helps Publishers Monetize Long-Form Video Content

Are you the publisher of long-form video content?  If so, haven’t you thought it was a bit wrong that you spent all that time putting together a 40 minute video but were only given the opportunity to monetize it once via a pre-roll ad?  How could it possibly make sense that someone who put up a 30 second video of their cat could make as much money as the publisher of a 40 minute video that took days to concept and create?  With SpringBoard Video’s new “Cue Point” system for mid-rolls, we’ve solved this problem for long form video content publishers.  “Cue Points” allow publishers to specify when in a video a mid-roll ad should be launched.  Publishers can set up as many mid-rolls as they choose and each mid-roll will be preceded by a 10 second countdown to make sure your users know when they are coming. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to add mid-rolls to a piece of video content by using SpringBoard’s new “Cue Point” feature. The process takes less than 10 seconds (we timed it) and we encourage mid-rolls to be set up as often as possible since it ads valuable video inventory from highly engaged users. 1. STEP 1: Within your SB CMS admin screen, go to your “Videos” tab and click on the title of the video in your library that you would like to add a mid-roll to: 1 2. STEP 2: Click on the “Monetize” tab. 2 3. STEP 3: Insert the time (in seconds) when you would like the mid-roll to launch (multiple mid-rolls can be entered by using commas to separate each cue point (e.g. “60, 120” would insert an ad at the 60 second and 120 second mark). 3