New Video Player Release

We’re proud to announce a significant release/upgrade to the SpringBoard Platform today.  The focus of the release was to improve the player platform experience for our publishers and to add a number of cool innovative features as we take the SpringBoard Platform into the next generation of OVPs.  Check out some of the new features and let us know what you think: New Feature – iFrame Embed Code.  Springboard CMS will by default now provide iFrame embed code. This is the new and preferred embed code that we suggest you use.  This embed code fully supports HTML5 fallback for mobile devices and has pre-roll support in HTML5 mode. New Feature – HD Widget.  Springboard supports a new type of widget which we have named “HD Widget”. This widget behaves similarly to a normal lightbox player only it has enhanced features and controls. Its main advantage is that it always opens in the size of your video which makes it ideal for all your HD video pages where this widget can shine the most.  You can easily try out the new widget by going to the FUNCTION tab of your widget config screen and under the CONTENT accordion enable HD Widget support. New Feature – Recommended Videos.  The Springboard player now has a new recommended videos feature that appears at the end of a video/playlist. It can also be seen by pressing the appropriate button on the control bar. This feature incorporates both behaviors and functionality from the legacy playlist and related videos options.New Feature – Stage 3D SupportThe Springboard player now supports Stage 3D technology from Adobe. The Stage3D APIs in Flash Player offer a fully hardware-accelerated architecture that brings stunning visuals across desktop browsers advanced 2D and 3D capabilities. This allows the player to use low level GPU instructions for rendering video content and therefore less CPU power is needed.  Currently this is supported in the HD widget configuration only. More info on this technology can be read here – Adobe Stage 3D New Feature – Coming Next Screen.  The Springboard player now supports a coming next screen which can appear near the end of the video (fully adjustable) which will show the next video in your playlist in a small preview window in the bottom left corner of your player. Your users can also click on the coming next video which will start playing once clicked.New Feature – New Share OptionsThe Springboard player has revised the available share options and has modernized this option to support the latest and most popular sharing options. The Springboard player now supports the following social sites:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
You can fully customize which share options are available in your players. New Feature – Annotations.  The Springboard player now supports annotations similarly to how YouTube works.  Video Annotations is a new way for you to add interactive commentary to your videos! Use it to:
  • Add background information about the video
  • Link to related videos on you site, channels, or search results from within a video
All of the above! You control what the annotations say, where they appear on the video, and when they appear and disappear. To add an annotation to any of your videos, go to the edit video screen and on the first tab you will see a link for create/edit annotations. Media player optimizations. The Springboard player has gone under a major overhaul.  All image assets have been replaced and its code has been refactored. All of these optimizations have resulted in an 15%-20% decrease in player size depending on plugin usage which will ensure faster load times. The advertising plugin for the player has been integrated inside the core of the player which will ensure quicker load times as the player does not need to call an external URL anymore to load this plugin. CMS Redesign and Code Re-write.  The entire CMS has be redesigned with major overhauls of the playlist and edit video screens.  CMS page load times have been decreased and all pages are now loaded with Ajax. YouTube Analytics.  The Springboard analytics system now supports YouTube Chromeless player analytics in Flash and HTML5 mode. YouTube Integration.  YouTube videos have been integrated inside the CMS. The “Play YouTube” option has be deprecated and you can now add YouTube videos into your video list and embed them using the Chromeless player solution. You can also now create Springboard playlists consisting of YouTube videos or even mix internal Springboard and YouTube videos into the same playlist be it dynamic or static.