SpringBoard Platform’s Footprint Gets Bigger

SpringBoard Platform is honored and excited to welcome some of our most recent publishers to to the Springboard Platform: Caputo Media LogoCaputo Media:  The owner of a number of highly engaged user communities catering to both gamers as well as affluent audiences.  Whether you are a gamer, cigar aficionado or just need a good laugh, Caputo Media has a premium destination on the Internet for you. Some of the Caputo websites that will be leveraging the SpringBoard Platform include Puff.com, QJ.net and www.PSX-Scene.com. Scrw LogoScrw Media: The owner of a number of hilarious, geeky and cute sites that are sure to capture a few hours out of your week.  Some of the Scrw websites that will be leveraging the SpringBoard Platform include GeekIsAwesome.com and UtterlyCute.com. ThePunkEffect LogoThePunkEffect.com: A video game news, video and review site that offers tons of video content on everything gaming and entertainment. Head on over to the site and check out some of their great videos or participate in other Internet wackiness. SportsChatPlace LogoSportsChatPlace.com:  A great sports match-up website covering all the major sports (and most of the minor ones).  SportsChatPlace has a vibrant open community as well as a premium “members” only section that delivers some of the best researched sports picks on the web. AndroidAdvices LogoAndroidAdvices.com:  An Android News blog offering information on updates and reviews for everything related to the Android mobile operating system.  Check out the site for android advice across multiple hardware devices including HTC, Samsung, LG and more.  If you’ve got an android device, this is the place to get your advice! SpringBoard Platform looks forward to working hand-in-hand with each of these new partners to bring the best of their video content to the web.  The addition of these websites to the SpringBoard roster brings the total count of publishers leveraging the SpringBoard Platform to over 350 websites.  Welcome to our new SpringBoardians!